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Introducing the Best E-Bikes in the USA for Law Enforcement & Security
Call Us: 1-571-238-1729

Visit Us At the 27th Annual Police-Security Expo

June 25 - 26, 3013 in Atlantic City, NJ

PEDEGO Comfort Cruiser

PEDEGO Comfort Cruiser

Designed with Comfort in Mind - with 36V Lithium Battery & 500W silent hub Motor.
PEDEGO Interceptor

PEDEGO Interceptor

Classic Interceptor designed for Police use - with powerful 48V electric drive system.
PEDEGO Trail Tracker

PEDEGO Trail Tracker

Heavy duty Off-Road Mountain E-Bike. Rugged 48V Battery & Big 4" Tires
Currie Tech Izip Electric Police Bike

Currie Tech Izip Electric Police Bike

Super portable folding bike - Collaboration of Currie Technologies, the US e-bike expert producers, with Dahon, the folding bike experts.
Currie Tech IZIP E3 Compact Electric Police Bike

Currie Tech IZIP E3 Compact Electric Police Bike

Developed for Police with LAPD. Patented Evo-Drive System & Powerful 750W Motor.


The Ferrari of E-bikes - the World's Best with no compromises in quality, performance and style.
A2B Ultra Motor E-Bike

A2B Ultra Motor E-Bike

New Models With State-of-the-Art Technology. German-Made Propulsion System & Motor


Small, Light-Weight Folding E-bike. Versatile Package - Take With You Everywhere
Thrust Delivery Bike

Thrust Delivery Bike

Revolutionary Eco-Delivery for Food or Medicine. Designed for Maximum Power & Storage.